Welcome to the Windsor-Essex Chapter Web page. Windsor-Essex is Canada's southernmost county - at the same latitude as northern California and southern France. It is one of the most agriculturally productive counties for fruits, vegetables, and grains in the country. It is also one of Canada’s busiest entry points and tourist areas. As such, the nicknames for the area, "Sun Parlor of Canada" and "Garden Gateway to Canada", are quite appropriate.

Another mainstay of the Windsor-Essex County economy is tourism. The area’s many historic and scenic attractions together with its 402 kilometers of shoreline - much of its sandy beaches - and sunny climate make it an attractive place to visit. Some of the better known attractions include the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary, Colasanti's Tropical Gardens, and Point Pelee National Park.

Within Windsor-Essex County is the City of Windsor, Canada’s automotive capital and a manufacturing hub known worldwide for its innovation and outstanding capabilities. Currently, Windsor is the home of one of the largest infrastructure projects in Canada’s history to provide a new link to the United States via a new highway 401 extension and suspension bridge across the Detroit River.

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